Yearning for a Weekend Retreat

Amid the daily whirlwind and the demanding work week, we all yearn for a weekend retreat. Whether it’s a swift journey to a neighboring town, a day of relaxation at the beach, or a brisk hike in the mountains, we all have our preferred escape spots to rejuvenate. Some of us even have multiple. After all, what’s more frustrating than finding your serene spot crowded with the very people you are trying to get away from? It’s moments like these that make those hidden gem diners, isolated beaches, and extensive scenic drives in remote areas absolutely ideal!

The Enigma of Thousand Steps Beach

Thousand Steps Beach has many descriptors—remote, secluded, concealed—but in reality, it’s none of these. It’s comfortably situated among various beaches near Laguna Beach, California, and is fairly accessible. The beach harbors many secrets, intriguing and fascinating ones. However, a word of caution before delving deeper: parts of the beach are considered “private property.”

Caution: Private Property Concerns

Despite the California Coastal Commission’s stance, it’s advisable to tread carefully in this zone due to rumors of people receiving tickets for trespassing. If the police don’t intervene, the lifeguards might approach you, declaring your presence in the private cove unauthorized if you venture that way.
As previously noted, reaching the main beach is quite straightforward; the entrance is via a staircase near Pacific Coast Highway and 9th street. The real challenge lies in securing street parking.

The Origin of the Name: Thousand Steps Beach

Then comes the origin of the beach’s name, Thousand Steps Beach. The steps! They might total around 250, but they feel like a thousand, especially on the ascent! So, it’s not literally a thousand steps, but it surely is a more captivating name than 250 Steps Beach!